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An ambitious plan to drive development

A five-year plan launched in 2016, TUNISIA 2020 has been designed to enable the country to achieve an annual growth rate of over 4% by 2020. As a true social initiative that takes into account all sections of the population, it defines a new vision of social and economic development based on highly qualified human resources and first-class infrastructure.

To achieve the objectives of the Plan, the Government of Tunisia is implementing numerous structural reforms that will result in more efficiency and promote private investment.

TUNISIA 2020: a Development Plan based on five pillars

Pillar 1 Good governance, public administration reforms & anti-corruption measures

Pillar 2 Transition from a low-cost country to an economic hub

Pillar 3 Human development and social inclusion

Pillar 4 Fulfilment of regional ambitions

Pillar 5 The Green Economy, a pillar of sustainable development


in growth sectors

At the gateway to Africa and Europe, Tunisia is situated in a prime position near the busiest sea and air routes. Preferential trade agreements have been signed with several Arab and African countries, as well as a Free Trade agreement with the European Union in 1995. Increased trade has allowed the country to develop an industrial fabric and quality services.

TUNISIA 2020 focuses on flagship projects to promote and increase domestic and international investment in the Tunisian economy. The Plan intends to mobilise investments of $60 billion dollars over the next five years, of which 40% in state and public enterprise projects, and includes 100 projects requiring innovative financing, particularly through Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

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Seize these investment opportunities


  • Deepwater port
  • Road and highway networks
  • Urban and inter-city rail networks
  • Logistic services zones

Digital economy and entrepreneurship

  • Communication infrastructure
  • Administration digitalisation (e-Gov, OpenGov)
  • Smart Tunisia & e-Business
  • Digital education and incubators

Export industries

  • Automotive and aeronautic industry
  • Textiles and clothing
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Agribusiness

Human development

  • Education and training
  • Health
  • Culture and sport
  • Housing and habitat


  • Strategic repositioning
  • Medical tourism
  • Cultural and ecotourism

Green economy

  • Renewable energy
  • Water and sanitation management
  • Waste collection and recycling
  • Organic farming

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Discover investment projects in Tunisia